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Ilka Stein will be joined by Karen Verburgh as core facilitator for the Johannesburg and Nicky Bush for the Cape Town programme.

Over the course of the programme they will be joined by experienced guest facilitators who are experts in specific approaches or tools. We believe this inspiring line up of facilitators will add to the richness and diversity of your learning experience and will certainly pique your curiosity to find out more.

​Each course is held by your core facilitators, guiding the group through the six-month programme. This offers stability and continuity and will also ensure the quality of each intervention. Furthermore, participants will also engage with at least five different, fabulous guest facilitators allowing them to see, feel and explore different styles of facilitations and, at the same time, benefit from the diversity that this facilitator constellation has to offer. We are committed to expanding the facilitators network, aiming for diversity and a vast spectrum of experience and expertise.

Every participant (current and alumni) will have access to this network and we actively foster exchange amongst participant groups and facilitators. So, watch this space as we will continue to add more facilitators.

Ilka Stein (core facilitator)

In 2012 I moved to South Africa and ever since then I have enjoyed the exceptional variety that this country has to offer. My wish is to be an active part of this society, contributing to the transformation process on a personal and professional level.

I am interested in engaging and facilitating meaningful conversations, with two people, smaller groups, multi-stakeholder settings or large conferences. On this journey I started to understand that facilitation is an art, indeed. I’m looking forward to exploring this further on the programme.

Karen Verburgh (Core facilitator Johannesburg)

In 2000 I started working as a facilitator and coach, simply because I love to support people to connect to their Self, others, and their context. Connection is the starting point for acceptance, action to change, and/or transformation. “You teach best what you have to learn most” and my journey - a few years later - naturally lead me to start teaching other coaches and facilitators. The art of facilitation I believe is a critical skill in our current disconnected society: we need people that are able to hold the space for true connection, meaningful conversation and deep dialogue: allowing for transformation to happen. I look forward to growing that holding capacity with you.

Nicky Bush (Core facilitator Cape Town)

I have had the privilege of being part of the first Art of Facilitation journey which was a life changing process that opened my eyes to different perspectives and new ways of doing things. I have been working as a leadership coach, facilitator and trainer for over fifteen years. Having two young boys entering the schooling system and wanting to make a positive difference in education in South Africa, I currently work as a leadership coach for Partners for Possibility with principals of under resourced schools and business leaders. 

My passion is to work with people to navigate different perspectives, celebrate diversity, learn and grow from one another.

Guest facilitators
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