Pay 1 Bring 1

We are so excited to try this new approach. How does it work?

You pay R 19 500 for a ticket to take part in the Art of Facilitation journey and you can bring someone along who otherwise would not be able to participate! 

Pay 1 Bring 1 is our attempt to ensure that everyone has access to this programme. 

Here are different scenarios explaining the Pay 1 Bring 1 model:

1) You are able to afford the cost of R 19,500 so you buy your ticket and you automatically sponsor someone, who is not able to afford it.

2) You are able to pay R 10,000 and have a colleague who can fill in the rest.  You buy 1 ticket and you two can both attend.

3) You are able to afford half the price, so you start a little fundraising campaign with family and friends, knowing that this will give you and

     another person access to the Art of Facilitation.

4) You are working for a corporate/ organisation and they are able to pay the full amount - you bring a colleague from an NGO or civil society    

     sector along

5) …

​The principle is easy - we want to ensure that the programme is accessible to everyone and that we all can learn in a wonderfully diverse group!


We will engage with all participants upfront discussing each situation individually.  

We do trust that you are not taking advantage of this idea - if you are able to afford it, you pay the price. If you need support, please reach out to us. We are committed to make it work and are happy to talk about payment options as well.

Please contact us to find out more!

The R 19,500 include:

- All fees for facilitators and guest facilitators, coaches, conference venue and catering during the training as well as all stationery and 

   material costs

- Five two-day training modules, amounting to 10 full days of training sessions

- Two individual coaching sessions

- Participants receive a ‘living library’ that includes all the course material, tools and facilitation methods, further reading suggestions as well

   as inspirational suggestions

- Participants gain access to a broad network of coaches, facilitators and alumni.

Please note that we have decided to always keep one dedicated space to support a young person, in honour of Theo Booi.

Theo was part of the first Art of Facilitation group and was taken from us way to soon. We feel his loss and want to honour him

in the best way we can imagine, by enabling someone else to feel and experience the magic of facilitation. Theo you are missed!

“First, we tried an open crowd funding approach, which was not successful. In conversations with interested participants we developed this idea Pay 1 Bring 1 and we all got excited about it, immediately! I think it will bring a wonderful diversity into the group and makes it accessible"