For whom

​Individuals who are currently involved in or have experience in some form of facilitation, either as consultants, internal facilitators, managers or team leaders. This includes those who are required to facilitate meetings, groups or workshops as part of their role.

Within corporates and Not-for-Profit organisations

The complexity we face today is simply too great for a handful of individuals to manage. As individuals we need to increase our capacity to work in collaboration with others.  We need people who can facilitate authentic engagement that improves the effectiveness and enjoyment of working together. We need people with the capacity to elicit and access collective intelligence: skilled facilitators.

Imagine you have this capacity in-house, allowing meetings to run more productively and/or fostering cooperation across departments and units by facilitating meaningful and effective engagements...

We have seen the catalytic effect this has on organisations. It enhances an individual's capacity and at the same time changes the entire team and organisational atmosphere. 

Consultants and facilitators (external)

We also look at independent consultants or facilitators who already work in the field of facilitation or want to grow into it. The unique three level approach will equip you for this journey. The programme allows you to experience a variety of styles and approaches helping you shape your own facilitation signature.  The active network of facilitators is a wonderful space to grow and expand in the facilitation field.

Change agents in communities

Not everyone who facilitates thinks of him-, or herself as a facilitator and yet we have you in mind: principals, mentors or change agents in your community hosting conversations or engaging with various groups.

Please note we are not focusing on basic facilitation skills. This is an advanced course for everyone who wants to deepen their facilitation experience. However, NO formal training is required.


How to cost for this programme and make it inclusive to everyone who needs to be in the room?

We spend a lot of time thinking about this question. The experience of the first programme confirmed that the magic happens with a diversity of opinions being in the room. We were fortunate to have the most wonderful facilitators from all walks of life joining us on this journey. Their diversity, their different backgrounds, realities, expertise and working environments added that special spice. So how can we ensure we continue to have this diversity in the room?

Our answer: Pay 1 Bring 1



"Never did we have to deal with constant change on all levels in all sectors like today! We need people who are able to skilfully hold these spaces. This is not the responsibility of leaders only, everyone needs these skills!"   Jabu Mashinini