Programme Content

The ART OF FACILITATION Personal Development programme is an open training course with a minimum of six and a maximum of twelve participants from various backgrounds and organisations. Ilka Stein, in collaboration with Karen Verburgh and Nicky Bush, has conceptualised this training programme and is the lead facilitator for the five modules.

Each module will include at least one additional guest facilitator. So, by the end of the programme, you will have experienced more than six different facilitators who are all willing to share their experiences and knowledge (more information).

The five modules and individual coaching sessions are compulsory for all participants.

We regard the ART OF FACILITATION as a learning experience for you and for us. The outline below gives you an idea of the content we will be working with. One of the guiding principles in this course is that we are not anchored in just one school of thought. We hope to instil in you the enthusiasm for and the joy of playing and experimenting with different styles and approaches.

The learning journey will always be a combination of working on three levels:

Being the facilitator

Designing interventions

Expanding your tool kit

The learning objectives below will ensure that you can support clients and/or your teams and organisation in all steps of the process.

At the end of the journey, you will be able to:

- Confidentially conduct briefing sessions that provide a solid basis for your design work

- Design effective interventions that address the needs of your clients, that open discussion and allow for meaningful conversations

- Facilitate in a process-oriented manner; going with group dynamics and supporting the participants in achieving their objectives

- Hold conversational spaces for others

- Listen beautifully

- Learn a lot about yourself and who you are as facilitator

- Start to develop your unique facilitation signature

- Increase your curiosity and willingness to explore new or different approaches that teach you more and more

- Fulfil whatever else you are hoping for or have defined as your learning goals.

Art of Facilitation programme changes professional careers and influences others to work and collaborate more effectively

Annelie Janz